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Part of a company’s corporate social responsibility commitments is ensuring their supply chain upholds the company’s core values. Advancements are being made in where and how products are made and by who, type of materials – from sourcing raw materials, re-using/re-cycling and ecological treatment – carbon footprints, environmental impact, etc.

MOUNTAIN LSP proposes that language service providers should conform to sustainability as far as possible.  

Put simply, MOUNTAIN LSP believes everybody should be able to breathe clean air in the great outdoors and that running a healthy business also means having an awareness of our impact and influence on the planet and people around us. MOUNTAIN LSP acts on this accordingly as a central part of day-to-day business operations.

Below are some of the actions:

  • Responsible Energy – use and providers, carbon off-setting
  • Recycling & Waste Management
  • Supply Chain Choices to reflect our values
  • Treating People Fairly – with collaboration & respect

Furthermore, MOUNTAIN LSP is committed to supporting local and global non-profits in various community, environmental, education and health projects by pledging at least 1% of annual revenue to relevant causes.

Our activities and actions are a work in progress and we welcome any feedback on initiatives that we may introduce.

To discuss our sustainability initiatives or receive our Sustainability Programme 2018/2019, please contact us at

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