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Strategy & Consulting


Mountain LSP can take away the strain in navigating unchartered territories for your company by working independently and/or alongside your internal departments to advise on the strategy and approach which would give the best outcome.

Whether experienced with procuring language services or at the very beginning of expanding into external markets, Mountain LSP can offer a guiding hand to reduce internal time and effort and find the most relevant cost-effective solution.  

Below is a non-exhaustive list of key considerations for identifying strategies and approaches with regards to an effective translation and localisation programme:

o   Where to start with translation…

o   Translation memory/TM, what it is and where it is most useful

o   Complex technology – what is TMS (translation management system), what are the pros and cons?

o   Worthy investments – do the technologies and services on offer have the right features for your needs?

o   Machine Translation – it should be cheaper but has quality and data security risks, how can the risks be assessed and managed?

o   Brand messaging – how can brand message and values be consistent in all locales?

o   Language service provider – which type of supplier, supplier model and how many to keep competitivity, quality and business continuity?

o   Most important factors – turnaround time, quality, budget, security, reporting, other?

Mountain LSP can perform a basic or in-depth analysis of your requirements to gauge how the company’s localisation fits into the overall business strategy and trajectory. Based on this analysis, the translation and localisation strategy can then be developed to determine the most suitable approaches and solutions for your business.

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